Why? Great question!

Why indeed. With the loss of the beloved Suncook Valley Sun a hole has been left in our

communities. Where do we go to find local businesses? There is no more phonebook and

unless you understand SEO and Google crawling, getting a small business at the top of a

Google search without paying is near impossible.  


We miss the local information and more so the ability to find a local whose-a-what-it

to help with a project that the Sun provided. 

For me, I try to recommend local companies to those who ask online, however there are so many great companies out there and you cannot recommend them all at once.


With the mailer, my goal is to deliver a service to the communities we live in and around. Help residents get to know what businesses are around them and how to contact them. It is my hope that this directory does just that. 

For most small businesses the cost of an every door mailer to surrounding communities is unrealistic. The Suncook Valley Business Directory allows businesses to share the cost and hit the homes, businesses, and PO boxes of the surrounding towns. If this sounds like something you and your business would be interested in participating in, let me know. 

Thank you for your time! Robie

Still have some questions. No Worries!  Email me at info@suncookvalleybusinessdirectory.com